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Established more than a century ago, MARDUEL manufactures technical yarns for a host of industrial uses. 

MARDUEL started out making yarn from natural fibres for embroidery or haberdashery. Our products were exported all across the world, especially to the French colonies.  

Synthetic yarns such as polyamide and polyester have been processed by MARDUEL since their creation, as industry became our primary customer.

In 2013, we moved to our new green headquarters in Arnas, near Lyon.


Thanks to ongoing investment, MARDUEL now manufactures, in addition to our high-tenacity yarns, special yarns made from glass, carbon or aramid.

In its privileged and unique role as an intermediary between spinners and users, MARDUEL offers a tailor-made solution to your needs. 

Traceability, reproducibility, customer satisfaction: here are our key words!

Our quality organisation enables us to guarantee an identical product every time.

Our products are shipped with a certificate of conformity confirming the results of the tests carried out during the manufacturing stage. For more sensitive orders, we include a certificate from the spinner, facilitating optimal traceability for your products.



  • Visit us at JEC WORLD 2020 (3 – 5 March) in PARIS Villepinte.

Twisting has been at the heart of our business for over 100 years. Our knowledge is constantly increasing and we are always up to date with new and innovative developments in technical textiles.

Plying and Twisting

Mono-filament, multi-filament, spun yarns, hybrid yarns

High-tenacity Yarns

Carbon, Glass, Meta and Para-aramid, Basalt, Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene
Yarn count up to 96 000 dtex.

Our industry knowledge and experience enable us to respond to all of your needs with efficiency and effectiveness: over-twisting, twists, cabled yarns … we can create all types of product according to your specifications!

More precision with high-speed process for your products !

Winding using “precision cross winding” is carried out on our state-of-the-art equipment. This enables us to manufacture measured and compact bobbins, enabling unwinding at a constant tension. 

This winding process is performed with the customer’s manufacturing demands in mind, for example quick turnaround and minimal wastage. The bobbins are able to support strong mechanical contractions without becoming deformed. 

Our research office is at your disposal to develop and create any new yarn you may require. We can offer you all of our expert textile knowledge whilst respecting the confidentiality of the products that you trust in our hands.

Case studies

  • Finalizing products before industrial production.
  • Installing a machine belonging to a client. Formulating a production process.
  • Undertaking trials for assumption-based planning testing.
  • Developing production protocols for our clients.

We share our knowledge as an experienced manufacturer of polypropylene yarns with our clients, working in partnership with ESSEGOMMA, a manufacturer based in Italy. 

  • Yarn count: 78-3 300 dtex
  • Please contact us to find out our colour range
  • UV Protection
  • Packaging: 0 tr/m, mixed-ply, twisted or textured with TASLAN
  • Medium and high tenacity
  • Hollow, round, or trilobal filaments

Plastics industry

Since the reinforcing element contributes to the overall quality of the finished product, we can guarantee identical bobbins for each delivery, allowing you to work faster without compromising on quality.


Paper and leather industry

We manufacture hybrid yarns made from yarns that are different both in their chemical make-up and in their type (mono, multi, spun etc.). We guarantee an identical product for every order.


Automobile industry

Since the reinforcing element contributes to the overall quality of the finished product, we can guarantee identical bobbins for each delivery, allowing you to work faster without compromising on quality.


Aeronautics industry

We have developed a specific twisting process for highly specialised yarns such as carbon, glass, aramid… for the aeronautics industry.



Prompt delivery of selvedged yarns. Packaging available: king-spool, bobbin or twisting tubes.



We have developed products such as draw threads with a resistance of 60-500 kg and binding threads for underground networks to respond to on-going needs of dry-network fitters.


Straps • Ropes • Luggage

Our polypropylene range will suit all your yarn-count, colour, breaking tenacity or filament-form requirements.


And much, much more…

Our yarns can be found in several other sectors, including the engineering industry, filtration, packaging, geotextiles and many others that we are unable to disclose due to confidentiality agreements with our clients.


Contact Us

Marie-Alice MARDUEL et Cécile PIGNARD

69 Impasse de la Chartonnière
Tel : + 33 (0)4 74 68 10 06
Fax :+ 33 (0)4 74 62 18 33

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